Government Subsidies

Government Subsidies

Exports play a major role in the economic development of any country. A developed economy is the one, which exports more than it imports. Higher exports draw more foreign remittances, create more jobs and lower the current account deficit; hence, improve the overall economic growth of the country.

The Indian government provides export incentives which are certain benefits exporters receive from the government as an acknowledgement for bringing in foreign exchange and as compensation for the costs they incur on exporting the goods and services out of the country.

Export incentives are like

  • Subsidies that lower export prices
  • Tax concessions such as duty exemptions (which enable duty-free import of inputs for export production) and duty remission (which enable post-export replenishment of duty on inputs used in export product)
  • Credit facilities such as low-cost loans
  • Financial guarantees in some cases such as provisions in covering bad debts

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With out experience working with various Government offices in the past years, we provide an expert guidance to our customers to get benefitted by availing the Government provided subsidies to which our client’s are entitled to get benefited. 


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